Non-tech related blog but hopeful may raise a smile today.

After an unfortunate turn of events that landed my Mum in hospital yesterday evening there was plenty of good to come out of the situation. My Mum has recently been diagnosed with Motor Neurone, a particularly nasty disease that creeps around attacking the body in the most weird and (not so) wonderful ways.

Hazel’s head has been tilted over for a few weeks now due to the weakness in her neck muscles. This has resulted in her chin applying pressure on a major artery that has resulted in a lack of blood flow to the brain. The bizarre outcome being the whole world being inverted and seeing everything upside down! As a vertigo sufferer anyway this is particularly traumatic and led to an all round scary experience.

Enter Barbara. Barbara is a 93 year old lady that was in the same emergency unit as my Mum due to a run in with the hearth rug resulting in a broken arm and cuts and bruises. Despite her own predicament, she counselled and supported my Mum through the night and offered humour, support and encouragement to get her up and running again. In a startlingly short space of time she build an incredible rapport and friendship that from outside looking in, appeared that they had known one another for years.

As anyone who has visited sick loved ones in hospital this can be a grim affair, but the day mostly became a pleasure due to the efforts of this remarkable woman.

Barbara’s family have cut short a holiday to rush back to be with her, however I’m pretty sure she will want to regain her independence in the shortest time!

So this blog places on record from all of us here our huge thanks to Barbara for taking care of my Mum in her hour of need. I’ve tried to base my business on offering unconditional help to others but I am going to make a special effort this week to ‘pay it forward’ to whoever I can.

Barbara – we salute you!

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