A skip and a jump out of bed this morning, as it’s switch on day for Fibre broadband for one of my lovely customers. We all take internet for granted at times but moving to faster speeds from a standard connection really opens up the possibilities and improves performance in the home.

For me, the biggest effect is how video performs from streaming services and I never tire of showing a customer 4K HDR quality footage for the first time. My favourites on Netflix are the Planet Earth series, Chef’s Table and Breaking Bad. I truly believe that watching in this quality completely changes the viewing experience for the customer and actually starts to change what you select to watch!

Today’s customer loves Netflix so I cant wait to help her get set up and then demonstrate the hidden capabilities of her existing TV equipment.

Have you ever changed broadband provider? This can often mean installing a new router, which in turn means that all devices need re-connecting to the internet. This can be troublesome for systems such as SONOS or can affect how boosters or range extenders work. Printers can also be tricky to reconnect.

It’s also important to check the new speeds received are what you are paying for and to get the technical support to optimise the performance of the line.

Here at Gadget Club you are not left to fend for yourself, we will take care of everything for you. We watch for your switch on date and will be there the moment the switch takes place. So kick back, relax and enjoy Super Fast Broadband – and don’t lift a finger!

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