1) I’ve renamed and changed my Facebook group to focus documenting my Utility Warehouse business;

2) This group could help you save money, make money or both!

The group was lying a little dormant so I needed to shake things up. There are nearly 400 members although I’m not really sure who engages with the group or whether most know they are even in here! Anyway an audience is an audience so here goes.

I learnt today from an audio book to make sure that every time you go on-line have a plan to either create and post something meaningful that will help others or be very specific about what information you need or what connections you want to make. Otherwise social media can suck the time and the life out of your day.

The biggest role I miss from my General Management career is the development of others through coaching and support so I have been looking for an opportunity to bring that into my business through Gadget Club. There is nothing more rewarding than providing valuable content to others and if you manage to help just one person improve then it is worth it.

I’ve been so lucky to discover Utility Warehouse and it is changing my business and my life. I have found a FTSE 250 company (Telecom Plus) that gives you complete autonomy to run your business as you choose, while providing an incredible network of support, training and development unlike anything I have seen before. I have already met several business owners that are truly remarkable human beings.

It is a network marketing business. This is historically a controversial model as some companies were thought of as Ponzi or Pyramid schemes. This worried me at first and I’m not going to justify it here, but once you study the business it actually makes perfect sense and provides a unique blend of customer focus, unlimited earnings, residual income, unconditional support and superb reward and recognition.

Most importantly network marketing is a self development business. The resilience and motivations required to become a success require a consistent approach to self improvement and learning. Direct sales (going direct to market) is not for the feint heart but can deliver significant rewards.

The product is great too. The Discount Club provides fair and consistent prices for your telecoms, mobiles and utilities. Free LED light bulbs, cashback cards, Gourmet Society cards and up to £200 to help you switch.

Utility Warehouse are consistently rated #1 for customer service by Which and other review sites.

Anyone can join in and grow a business from scratch, it simply doesn’t discriminate. All you need is the cost of your set up administration (£50-£100) and congratulations – you have bought a business. No products to buy, customer support teams to hire or employees to pay. What a brilliant thing! It makes sense to use the product yourself to best explain the benefits to your customers.

I’ve included the business in Gadget Club for six months now and have averaged £500 per month, won a £500 F&M hamper and I have one foot in Warsaw for an all expenses paid weekend away. I’ve also joined the Flying Club which is the second major level of recognition.

It’s a good start and provides the cost of my overheads in my business. This protects my future as a self employed person.

You can work on the business as little or as much as you want, but really you get out what you put in.

March 17th is Express Day. This is a massive company event to celebrate the success of the business, gather together and here about the exciting plans for the year ahead. I can’t wait!

So this group will become my forum to present this particular business and hopefully provide some really useful, transferable content that you can apply to your own career situation.

If you don’t require this type of information I won’t be offended if you leave the group! This stuff won’t be on my personal page so no need to unfriend me though!

I hope you enjoy my content and maybe even consider becoming a customer for life – I know that some of you have already – thank you!

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