It’s unbelievable that I am already well into my second year of trading as Gadget Club. Running a business has been an incredible ride so far and I am undoubtedly an entirely different (better) person. I have regained my family time and balance while progressing to a new level in my personal and business development. I’m fitter, healthier and more relaxed than I have been in 25 years!

I have serviced over 150 customers so far, solving problems, supplying products, solutions and services. I have also moved into areas of work that were not expected, particularly as a writer. The variety is brilliant and as long as I am producing great work and retaining happy customers then all is well in my business world.

Another unexpected benefit has been meeting a huge network of new friends and colleagues, all putting themselves out there and becoming successful entrepreneurs. There is nothing more inspiring than spending time with like minded individuals and channelling the camaraderie or positive influences. I was reluctant to do networking events at first, but they are truly a source of inspiration in many ways.

Financially I am back to the same position I was in when I left my role as a General Manager. The fear of the unknown when quitting is a deep routed fear, but is actually in my opinion an illusion. If you are a good person with a great work ethic and a reasonably solid idea you can make it. The community support is incredible and will carry you through the darker moments. Your business will adapt to the market and may not look the same as it did when you started; that’s okay, flexibility is important.

I am now planning the expansion of my business and how to service more customers across a wider geographical area. This is a critical stage and I’m learning all the time and progressing with caution.

Jim Rohn said ‘happiness is an art to be studied’. To do the things that you truly love and to paint the lifestyle that you want may lie in the land of becoming an entrepreneur. It’s a brutal environment in some ways that will test every ounce of your resilience, desire and motivation. However you will learn unique skills and gain a sense of reward and achievement that is absolutely unrivalled.

I now have the confidence that self-sufficiency is within my power – and I’m never going back.

Please support my business by recommending me to your friends and family and thank you to everyone that has supported me so far on my business, you know who you are and it is always appreciated.

Now – Back to work!

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