Our attitudes and outlooks tend to mirror the average of the five people we spend the most time with. It is therefore crucial we choose our colleagues carefully in order to achieve a positive mind set.
For the self-employed or entrepreneur this is a relatively easy task. Closest to home, the people that populate network marketing are inherently driven and motivated individuals with amazing ideas and extremely clear goals and objectives. This is an infectious community and always promotes positivity and growth.
Attending networking events as a business owner is also a rewarding experience. Being present to see and hear how people’s ideas have transformed into real businesses is a delight to behold and a pleasure to be a part of. The selfless support and camaraderie between the members should be noted, which demonstrates a real passion to help one another succeed.
If you are an employee, do you enjoy the same positive environment? Are you waking up this Monday morning psyched in anticipation of a great day with your work colleagues, or is there anxiety and dread caused by anticipating negative people relationships?
Are you likely to encounter confrontation with a boss, colleague or customer?
If you enjoy the tasks that you perform, but your work is spoiled by negative interactions this is an inherently damaging scenario that ought to be resolved quickly.
First of all, check yourself. It is unacceptable to challenge others if you are personally failing to uphold exemplary standards of courtesy, respect and kindness. If you are doing this and the negativity of others is still affecting you, choose to make an intervention today.
My honest assessment from a position of experience is that leopards will not change their spots. Chances are you’re stuck with these people, which may require bigger work or life decisions in order to change your environment.
I believe this is about self-respect. I choose to work and learn from inspirational people and simply refuse to do business with individuals that harbour negativity. This does not mean there cannot be challenge or debate if carried out constructively, but complaining, gossip, rumour and vitriol is never tolerated and is permanently cut from my space.
The trade-off is that is imperative I reciprocate by giving my skills and strengths to the network and support others in the best way that I can. This creates a powerful two-way street.
Do not be dictated to by negative people; invalidate them by cutting their air time. Don’t listen to the rhetoric, refuse to add fuel to the fire.
Remember, the five people you spend the most time with TODAY shapes your Average Mental Attitude. If your average is low, make the necessary changes NOW.
There is plenty of room over here with the Positive People!

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