Incentives in Network Marketing

I am lucky to partner with a company that consistently offers incredible incentives for high performing individuals. As a complete aside to the considerable commissions and residual income there are many opportunities to qualify for some eye-popping rewards, adventures and holidays.  Going into March I find myself within touching distance of a Holiday of a Lifetime to Orlando, Florida for the whole family; an all expenses paid trip to Disneyland and all that comes with that.

I’ve had the ‘goal tracker’ pinned up on my son’s noticeboard for nearly a year and together we have diligently ticked off the points required to qualify for the holiday. The incentive finishes at the end of March – and it’s going to be close!

Reward & Recognition

I am a massive fan of reward and recognition; not everyone is great at setting their own goals and a well constructed incentive plan can really help a colleague monitor their progress. Ultimately people that do well in the incentives generally have larger (and better) businesses. The excitement around the event when the locations for the holidays were launched back in March was significant, you really felt the buzz in the room that the army of distributors were fired up and ready to go!

As the initiative reaches it’s climax, here in lies (the potential) problem – and it’s mostly for the customer. The individual must be extremely careful that the over-exuberance to achieve the goal does not in anyway affect the customer journey and the overall experience. It is extremely tempting to ‘drive sales’ and push for the result; however this approach is fraught with danger. The customer simply doesn’t care about YOUR needs; just because YOU have a deadline doesn’t suddenly make it the right time to buy for them and certainly doesn’t make them game to be ‘closed’ on a sale!

Show Don’t Sell

I work as a network marketer and my job is to demonstrate the product (and business opportunity) to as many qualified prospects as I can during my working week. It is not my place to convince people to buy or to join – that’s not the point. People will come to the product or opportunity in their own sweet time when they are good and ready (or not) – either way is okay.


Will I be increasing my activity levels during March? Absolutely!  I will be booking more meetings and opening more conversations than ever before. But that’s where the buck stops; convincing, closing or selling are NOT part of the agenda and I refuse to compromise my values and principles of doing business – Mickey Mouse bound or not!

Personal Review

If I come up short, it will be with my values and integrity intact; I already know that there were opportunities for me to do more activity throughout the year which may have increased the odds of victory. Any shortfall in the requirement to qualify will be reviewed in-house, be on me and never projected on to the customer.  If you choose to run sales incentives as a business, do you consider and mitigate the risk to the customer journey or the overall experience?

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