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Help to buy and install the perfect television for your home.
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Meet in your home for perfect service

Full Pre-inspection and Consultation

We will meet face to face, first to discuss the solution you need and how we can work out the best price and best service for your needs.

Services provided

by Gadget Club

Gadget Club get it right first time

•Personal shopper experience with product recommendations, purchase and delivery, install and support of your new smart TV;

•Right size of TV measured and calculated and agreed with the customer;

•Screen type, 4K and HDR explained and how this may or may not benefit the customer;  strengths and weaknesses of different Smart TV Operating systems explained;

•All your current technology road mapped to ensure perfect connectivity and compatibility first time – no return to store for more equipment or adaptors – no buying expensive cables that you really don’t need;

•Any stands bought with the TV built or installed; perfect cable management;

•Perfect picture every time by reviewing feeds and cabling and using THX tune up technology to calibrate the TV display settings;

•Any sound systems or other boxes or players connected to the new TV and calibrated for best results;

•Your guarantees, consumer rights and next steps explained properly so that you can always get a solution for your technology or product if something goes wrong;

•Complete walk through of your new system and how to use it.  Personalisation of your home screen and apps for ease of viewing and use.

Why buy from Gadget Club?

Honest, personalised, local service

•Book me for as long as you like, it takes as long as it takes;

•Patience is a virtue and I’ve got as much of it as you need;

•Professional job sign off, if it’s not right I keep working;

•No extended warranties. Gadget Club doesn’t believe they are EVER necessary;

•No unnecessary add-ons or hidden charges;

•25 years of technology experience;

•Lifetime support and advice through Gadget Club Facebook Page.

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